What is Stall-Secure? Stall-Secure is an innovative, portable device designed to enhance privacy and security in public restroom stalls. It features two double-sided S hooks for securing belongings and a roll of silicone rubber to block the gap in restroom stalls, ensuring a private and convenient experience.

How does Stall-Secure work? Simply hang Stall-Secure over the top of a restroom stall door or stall bar using the steel S hooks. Then, pull down the silicone rubber roll to block the gap. The ergonomic knobs on the side allow for easy adjustment and retraction of the silicone rubber. Then hang your belongings like a jacket, hoodie, bag, purse, and more on the steel hooks.

What if I can't reach the bathroom stall top bar? All bathroom stalls are different, some top bars may be too tall. If you encounter a stall like this don't worry. You can still utilize the Stall-Secure by hanging it on top of the stall door next to the gap, but by only using one hook. Only hang belongings on the hook that's hanging from the door.

Is Stall-Secure easy to install and remove? Yes, Stall-Secure is designed for effortless installation and removal, with no tools required. The double-sided S hooks make it easy to hang and remove from any standard restroom stall. The Stall-Secure is easily portable and great to carry around anywhere you go.

How much weight can the hooks support? Each hook on the Stall-Secure can support up to 40 pounds, allowing you to safely hang jackets, backpacks, bags, and other personal belongings.

Can Stall-Secure be used in any restroom stall? Stall-Secure is versatile and can be used in most standard restroom stalls with a door or divider to hang from. Its design ensures compatibility with a wide range of stall structures.

Is Stall-Secure portable? Absolutely! Stall-Secure's compact design and lightweight structure make it easy to carry in a bag, purse, or pocket, ensuring you can enjoy privacy and security wherever you go.

How do I clean Stall-Secure? Stall-Secure is waterproof and can be safely cleaned in a kitchen sink or dishwasher. For users who wish to wash it in a laundry machine, we offer a special Stall-Secure washing machine box (Sold Separately). Please air dry Stall-Secure after washing; do not place it in a dryer.

What materials is Stall-Secure made from? Stall-Secure is crafted from durable, high-quality materials, including steel for the hooks and silicone rubber for the privacy roll. These materials ensure longevity, reliability, and safety for users.

Can Stall-Secure be used for anything other than blocking the gap in stalls? While primarily designed to enhance privacy and security in restroom stalls, Stall-Secure's hooks also provide a convenient solution for hanging personal belongings, keeping them off the floor and within reach.

Where can I purchase Stall-Secure? Stall-Secure is available for purchase on our website. Visit Stall-Secure.com to order yours today and experience enhanced privacy and convenience in public restrooms.