Elevate Your Privacy with Stall-Secure

Say goodbye to bathroom stall gaps and hello to privacy! Stall-Secure is here to secure your space and belongings with ease. Perfect for every outing.

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We Secure the Stall So You Can Do It All!

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  • Built to Last

    40lbs capacity per hook.

  • Enhanced Privacy

    Blocks gap effectively.

  • Take Anywhere

    Fits in pockets and bags.

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We Cover the Gaps and Hang Your Belongings

Designed for Everyone

Whether you're at the office or on the go, Stall-Secure is designed for all lifestyles. Secure, private, and portable - it's the accessory you didn't know you needed.

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Effortless Installation

Stall-Secure easily integrates into any stall setup. Its intuitive design allows for quick attachment and privacy enhancement in seconds.

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How does Stall-Secure work?

Stall-Secure uses double-sided S hooks and a silicone rubber roll to block the gap in bathroom stalls while providing hooks for personal belongings.

Is Stall-Secure easy to clean?

Yes, it's waterproof and can be safely washed in kitchen sinks, dishwashers, or even in laundry washing machines, with our Stall-Secure Washing Machine Box (Sold Separately). Please air dry Stall-Secure after washing; do not place it in a dryer.

Can I carry Stall-Secure in my bag?

Absolutely, its compact design fits easily in bags, purses, or pockets, making it perfect for daily use.